“I wanted to extend a formal thanks to you... You truly "rocked" - no other way to put it. It was the perfect keynote. I can't even begin to tell you how many folks came-up to me over the course of our summit and commented on how provocative, inspiring, captivating and energizing your talk was.”

- McNeil Nutritionals, a Johnson & Johnson Company

“He was great and a pleasure.... Mind-expanding, brilliant and entertaining.”

- Teachers College Reading & Writing Project, Columbia University

“Douglas Rushkoff gave a fabulous program! He is always so interesting. Our faculty and students really loved him. He not only did a great job of talking smart, but engaging the audience so that they felt smart as well. Definitely an A+ event for our campus!”

- University of North Carolina - Wilmington

“Thank you for your participation in the 2010 SMART Economic Development Conference. Your luncheon keynote presentation was very well done and contained a wealth of information for our economic development audience. You delivered just what we were looking for - thought provoking ideas for making things happen at the community level.”

- Iowa Utility Association

“So many people have shared conference highlights with me and they all include a mention of your keynote. It struck the perfect balance between substance and entertainment; a real necessity at a conference and a rarity as well.”

- National Association for Media Literacy Education

“Your talk was right on the mark last year and very well delivered, thanks for your participation in Centerbuild 2006! Best speaker with the highest marks in the convention!”

- International Council of Shopping Centers - ICSC

“Your lunch discussion was fantastic, and sparked a lot of rich discussion later in the meeting as well.”


“Douglas Rushkoff has distinguished himself from the pack of speakers on the Digital Media conference circuit. Witty and engaging, informative and provocative, he captivates the audience -- and the press -- the instant he hits the podium.”

- i*MAGIC Awards Festival

“Everyone loved Douglas Rushkoff's talk. It was fresh, thought-provoking, and very well delivered. He is truly a provocative, original thinker. He had the audience's rapt attention.”

- RSG Media Systems

“Your message and engaging delivery resonated deeply with folks across all disciplines and business units. Last night brought forth much passion for entertaining new thoughts and ways to act on them. A collective "yes!" to you from everyone who attended.”

- Sapient Corporation

“Just want to say how much we enjoyed having Douglas here and how excited the young people have been all this week. Hands down, this talk charged the audience in a new way.”

- The Webb School

“Doug was terrific! Articulate, passionate, very bright, provocative. We all really enjoyed his presentation, and plenty of folks are continuing to discuss it today.”

- Moses Brown School

“He was interesting, intriguing, and entertaining.”

- Lewiston Economic Growth Council

“I continue to get extaordinarily positive feedback on your time with us at Presbyterian College. Several students have actually come by my office to tell me how captivated they were by the 11am lecture. For our students to do this is quite remarkable, and a testament to both the message and the messenger. At the other end of our institutional hierarchy, the college president also sent a note of congratulations and appreciation for your challenging presentations. We are very appreciative of your fine work here. I really enjoyed working with someone as approachable and down-to-earth as yourself.”

- Presbyterian College

“Douglass Rushkoff significantly altered the paths of many young women who really, really got his message; classrooms are still buzzing with discussion following his visit...and he earned the first ever spontaneous standing ovation from the 300 Archer girls!”

- The Archer School

“Douglas Rushkoff is one of the great thinkers - and writers - of our time.”

- Timothy Leary

“You not only 'broke mindset' - but you did it in an energetic and positive way. I think you were a strong positive force for change at the conference, and that you demonstrated how to create the kind of honest dialogue that we need.”

- Acct. Planners Group, American Assn. of Advertising Agencies

“It was a truly inspirational lecture, the likes of which Edinburgh has never really seen before.”

- Edinburgh Television Festival

“It was a dynamic and eye-opener presentation and delivery. Hopefully you awoke some of those administrators to challenges they have been avoiding recently within the schools. Your knowledge of history, art and culture interwoven with social theory is a fascinating field of study and approach. It was a joy to be part of the day.”

- Santa Fe College of Design

“He provided a really fresh, convincing, and powerful perspective on the media and pop culture. Our students benefited enormously from his visit - seeing his ideas outside the classroom context was a revelation for them. Experiencing Douglas Rushkoff was good for education and, better still, great for their minds.”

- Association for Media Literacy Ontario

“He had something to say that was meaningful and iconoclastic (yet decidedly positive and not mired in nihilism " not bad for such a tough-minded critic); and he had a remarkable delivery " perfectly pitched to the audience. Equally impressive was his performance during the Q&A time. He connected with the students like no one I've seen before; I've never known students to invite a Forum lecturer out for coffee. Watching the students and Doug interact brought to mind images of Socrates surrounded by pupils; they hung on every word he said, and he studied every notion they offered, valuing, cherishing, taking even further the ideas they tossed at him.”

- University of Southern Mississippi

“A quick note to say thank you so much for all that you did for Reboot. From the name, to the framing, to the facilitating, to the recruiting, to the Shabbat table, to the power bars”

- Righteous Persons Foundation

“I do thank you exceedingly for your great talk. It was extremely well received and provoked a lot of discussion. You were also great fun to watch. Well done.”

- The Bravo Channel

“Thanks again for coming to speak with/to our students. The event was very successful " students have been more engaged with the issues of media than with any previous issues in our program.”

- The University of Texas at Austin

“Thank you so much of your participation as the keynote speaker at the Ad Club's Interactive Marketing Day yesterday. You are a dynamic speaker and your presentation was thought-provoking, insightful and as one attendee said, 'irreverent'. It was a provocative start to the rest of the program.”

- The Ad Club

“Three months later, and here we are still talking about your daring lecture on cinema and the future of narrative! You were thrilling, and provoked a lot of important discussions between filmmakers and their audiences. Your presence made our festival a huge success.”

- Rotterdam Film Festival

“The brilliant heir to McLuhan, Rushkoff is the first major media theorist to emerge from the primordial soup of the datasphere instead of the hallowed stacks of the university library.”

- New Perspectives Quarterly

“It was great opportunity to have Mr. Douglas Rushkoff at the Scandinavian Interactive Media Event in Stockholm. He gave a wonderful performance"it was a pleasure working with him.”

- Scandinavian Interactive Media Event

“Thank you again for being on the panel last week. Your outlook is so clear and so wonderfully (and correctly) at odds with the usual conventional wisdom. And you express yourself in such a wonderful way.”

- Paul Saffo, Founder of Institute for the Future

“Douglas Rushkoff peddles one to the most elusive of all wares: the future.”

- The New York Times

“Douglas was a star at the conference and provided a great keynote to conclude our event.”

- Ofcom

“What a pleasure to have seen you at the United Nations! An inspiring and thought-provoking presentation.”

- Dr. Kurt Furgler, Former President of Switzerland

“Douglas Rushkoff's participation was beyond fabulous. He was a rock star in his humble way and everyone loved him.”

- Applied Brilliance Conference

“You were masterful throughout. I hope amidst the exhaustion you have a sense of what you have achieved this weekend. You are one of the most remarkable humans that I have ever met.”

- Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies