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James Burke
Historian Futurist


Video: Burke shows how the“K-Web” works

Audio: James Burke on the coming age of scarce scarcity and abundant abundance
(March 3, 2015)

Video: What will life be like in the year 2100? James Burke predicts
(October 4, 2013)

Video: James Burke at Kelowna Community Theatre's Distinguished Speakers Series
(January 29, 2013)

Video: James Burke's Insightful Thinking
(September 5, 2012)

Lost Footage of Armstrong's Moon Landing Featuring Burke Rediscovered
(September 2, 2012)

Then & now James Burke, science historian
(July 7, 2012)

Video: James Burke's Mystery Tour of the Knowledge Web
(February 12, 2012)

'James Burke, Prince of Serendip'
(December 24, 2010 )

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James Burke contributes essay on Invention to the new Britannica Online Encyclopedia
(January 14, 2011)

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James Burke's Connections one of 'The 10 Best Science Shows to Watch Online'
(August 31, 2010)

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'Tech Man: James Burke still making thoughtful connections'
(July 18, 2010)

'James Burke Says Technology Will Foster Interconnected Web of Ideas and Innovation at GTC West conference'
(May 14, 2009)

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