Too Big To Fail:
Capitalism on the Brink -- The Inside Story

The Global Economy:
What's Next

How to Fix the Financial System

The Politics of Too Big to Fail

Too Big To Fail: Capitalism on the Brink -- The Inside Story    

How did the financial crisis really develop? Andrew Ross Sorkin takes audiences on a roller coaster ride inside the board rooms of Wall Street and the corridors of power in Washington to describe the untold story. Sorkin will also talk about the 500 hours of interviews he conducted with some of the nation's most powerful men and women to get this insider account.

The Global Economy: What's Next    

Andrew Ross Sorkin offers a unique perspective on the economy—and how interconnected the world's financial markets really are. Drawing from his reporting about business and finance as well as lessons from his bestseller, Too Big To Fail, Sorkin takes the audience inside the way boards of directors and institutional investors are thinking about the economy and how political leaders may impact it. From the rise of China and the changing face of Europe to Main Street U.S.A., he explains in detail and with colorful anecdotes where the economy is going next.

How to Fix the Financial System    

Andrew Ross Sorkin offers a unique perspective on saving the economy from another crisis. He will explain how the global economy got into this quagmire, but more importantly, he offers extraordinary insight into where the economy is headed. With a finger on the pulse of markets -- and many CEOs on speed dial -- he can offer the most complete picture of views of the challenges ahead and the necessary solutions.

The Politics of Too Big to Fail    

Andrew Ross Sorkin goes behind the scenes in Washington and the ongoing debate over financial reform. What's being said inside the White House and the corridors of Congress? How is the SEC's crackdown on Wall Street going to impact the industry and the economy? Sorkin makes a persuasive case that the center of power on Wall Street has now moved to the Capitol.

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